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It appears that we are caught between two ways of thinking of our lives, of the way speak to [of] others, and of the production of our cultural artifacts — products, images, texts, sounds, etc. — some of which can be discussed in terms of art/design, some not. Those two ways of thinking are: the individual and the collective. Sometimes we read [of] individuals as if they exist unto themselves. Sometimes we read [of] individuals as an expression of a shared experience. 

This is a me/you, us/them problem. I am me, and part of us. You are you, and either part of us or them, depending on your relationship with me. The problem with this is apparent: it determines us, and it divides us. As we now know, this can destroy us.

What if we don’t play along?

What if we do something else?

What if we resist definition?

What if we just



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