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1. So many stories, none that you want to hear.

2. Some times, the  best of times were other times.

3. Maybe it would be better if we just went away.

4. Beware
not of big mistakes,
but of small omissions.

5. Neither of us is able to close the door.

6. I suppose we just need to take a walk.

7. I don’t know how to make lasagna.

8. To get to the other side of the road, you must check the traffic.

9. What if there was more than one place named Tulsa?

10. A little boy looked back to see a man get killed.

11. Nowhere
in the instructions did it say you couldn’t start over.

12. Timing is nothing compared to
the expiration date. 

13. So many boys, so few men.

14. Little did
I know how little I knew.

15. Some days you can have it all. Other days it’s all gone.

16. A funny thing happened on the way to the store.

17. There were fewer of us in the elevator than it could hold. 

18. Now then, is it time to start up or stop? I can’t remember.

19. So many men, so few libraries. 

20. I don’t think you should do that thing you do anymore.

21. Needless to say, it was best left unsaid.

22. Like I said, it was just like I said.

23. Who’s afraid of [f***ing] Virginia Wolfe?

24. Alice doesn’t [need] to live here anymore.

25. Alice doesn’t [want] to live here anymore.

26. Alice doesn’t [have] to live here anymore.

27. Too much time, not enough men.

28. Once
upon a time, very bad things happened here.

29. So, my neighbor doesn’t have a cell phone or computer.

30. Maybe he wasn’t the right one after all. 

31. The best way to stop is to start sooner.

32. Every once in a while, a very odd man comes over to my place.

33. Now and then we went for a long


34. Maybe it’s time to take a very long nap.

35. There were signs we were in the wrong place. 

36. A tree died in the middle of the forest and didn’t fall down.

37. All he ever wanted was a small place in the country.

38. He always tried to see the forest through the trees.

39. Some- times, very good people find themselves unable to swim.

40. It seems like there are never enough chairs for everyone.

41. Every time it rains, the color of the trees changes.

42. The sound of rain on the ceiling was like the sound of rain on the ceiling.

43. As for his bath, it wasn’t very wet.

44. There was an unlikely number of options at the time. 

45. Now, what about
it do you not get?

46. Take a left at the second right and make a U-turn.

47. What about we take a break from it all and have a drink?

48. The floor met the wall at the edge of time.

49. It wasn’t the best thing to do at the time, but who knew?

50. If you want anything out of me, you have to ask nice. 

51. He wanted to jump, but the rail was too tall and he didn’t want to rip his pants.

52. The only way I’ll go is if you come with me.

53. Too bad you can’t see out the window, the view is so nice.

54. We were always looking for a new restaurant.

55. You and
I always argue about the same thing.

56. We both like to wear very tight ones.

57. There was no reason to believe we would still be alive. 

58. The rooms above were nicer than the ones below.

59. The view from the balcony was always something to look at.

60. The one who will not bite. 

61. The line that describes this is not clear. 

62. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what you think.

63. I never really wanted to make him angry.

64. She knew from many clues it wasn’t going to work out.  

65. She had everything any girl could want, except her own room. 

66. Why do you have to cry listening to the opera, but not the toilet flushing?

67. One did
and the other didn’t.

68. Now, how did it get to this?

69. Despite 
what he may have said, the sky wasn’t falling.

70. Never before did he seem so sure of himself.

71. Why did mother love you so much more than she loved me?

72. Maybe it’s time for everyone to go home.

73. Ladies who lunch always say they want to please you.

74. It was obvious that the facts didn’t match the truth.

75. It was clear the day wasn’t going to work out the way we planned.

76. Why is there no way to get an answer to the question at present?

77. In all the time I knew him, he never said anything.

78. However did we get here?
And how do we get out?

79. How about a ride in my fast car?

80. Some of you never get to see this side of me.

81. He had hoped it would end in a more pleasant manner.

82. It turns out there are more than just the two of us.

83. Sometimes it is difficult to see both sides of the issue.

84. I ate him and spat him out.

85. There was not much I could do to change the outcome. 

86. In a situation like this, one needs to be able to chew gum.

87. What would happen if we just stopped?

88. The source of my anger is often unknown to me.

89. Those who want to leave may do so now.

90. The best story is the one the waitress tells after closing.

91. She did not intend to show any malice towards him. 

92. You are
so pretty,
so pretty,
so pretty.

93. I am absolutely, positively sure that he doesn’t know.

94.“Not in this lifetime,” means never.

95. Neither of us is patient enough.

96. Strange that.

97. Sort of like... if he did and then didn’t... and would it matter?

98. Your children are of no interest to me.

99. If you don’t want to be in the same room as me, go home.

100. If you think you can tell me what
I should look like, don’t.

101. If you think you can decide what I can do, you’re wrong.

102. Things
are best left unsaid if too stupid to say in the first place.

103. One can never have too few pieces of furniture.

104. The trick is to spend more for less.

105. I had a great idea, but it escapes me now.

106. There were never enough weeks in the year.

107. The best ones are never on the bottom shelf.

108. One hundred men are ninety-nine too many.

109. Cows never need to clean up after themselves.


111. Too many times around the block.

112. Living in the city makes it easier to get away.

113. Living in the country makes it harder to go out.

114. Give me a minute of your time and I’ll give you one of mine.

115. Just because it’s written doesn’t mean it’s right.

116. Hovering
above the conver-sation was another.

How do I get to the next light?

118. A day in the country usually takes three days.

119. So you think you know, and so do I.

120. Every time it rains, people stay home and shop.

121. Just because you are taller than me doesn’t mean you can look down on me.

122. Just because you are bigger than me doesn’t mean that you can take my place.

123. Someone took all my marbles.

124. What if you went home and it wasn’t there.

125. Suppose there was a way out, would you go?

126. At the end of the day, there is usually something lingering.

127. No matter what you think, there is no substitute for milk.

128. Maybe
you can help me, maybe not.

129. So what would happen if nothing happened?

130. Two negatives
don’t make
a positive,
just two negatives.

131. The day you come home will be the day I leave.

132. My big
fat Italian wedding was like a Slimfast dessert.

133. Simplistic, but quotable at dinner parties.

134. I’ve stopped reading my horoscope and eat ice cream instead.

135. It’s time for you to buy me lunch.

I couldn’t find it, and then I found it.

137. My dog barks at things I cannot hear.

138. Why
do I keep reading this?

139. What you do when no one is looking.

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