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(I) don’t do



Is it possible to write without using the article (I)?

Not in some obfuscating format, such as scholarly papers and technical reports, but for expository purposes. An essay, in some way, written in the first person singular (or plural), written with a sense of voice, written as a means of discovery and making meaning.

Hate, hate,

hate, having my picture taken. Never have, don’t now, never will. Even other people’s photographs are a problem. The selfishness of making someone else endure photographs of you and your children, dogs, cats, hats, shoes, bicycles, cars, hiking gear, cocktail glasses, birthday cakes, lasagna, living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, patios, gardens, walks around the block, walks under the stars, walks in some other city, country, environment, whatever. No. 

No. No.

One would think that we all develop towards functional adulthood in the same way (barring obvious impairments). Like how we perceive fish or insects. But we do not. We are more like dogs, with differing traits, skills, and habits. Add to that how experience and environment shape them, and us, and there is no predictability, only speculation. 



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